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Is Turkish Gozleme Healthy?

Is Turkish Gozleme Healthy?

 Is Gozleme Healthy



Gozleme is a traditional Turkish dish featuring flat bread stuffed with stuff. You can find them at festivals, fairs, markets and sporting grounds. Their popularity is in their mobility and familiarity. However what it is it exactly that these Turkish people are feeding us?

Ingredients Of Turkish Gozleme



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Herbs that increase liver function

herbs that increase liver function

The liver is a sales persons worst nightmare because it will heal itself the best if you provide it with absolutely nothing. The liver looks after everyone else except for itself until all goes quiet. If you stop eating for a day or so, the liver will start to clean itself up.a

The liver is busy if you consume the following: White breads, oils originating from animals, drugs, alcohols, and basically anything that's able to be packaged and looks nothing like you'd find in a natural setting.

raw juices should be consumed immediately after juicing because that is when their nutritional content is most active.

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How To Make a Liver Function Test Look Good

If for what ever reason you've been asked to do a blood test to look at liver function and you want it to look good for the doctor, here's how to go about it. You need to plan a two week period where you will give the liver a break and by doing the extreme steps below you'll likely pass with flying colours even if your doctor has told you it will take 6 months or more to see a normal result.

First of all you need to realise that if you've done the crime you'll now need to pay the time. However just two weeks of this extreme liver cleanse will have your GP scratching their heads and asking you lots of questions.

Week 1.

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Killing Cancer with Alkaline Diets of Hot Chilli

Chilli cancer

Its been common knowledge for many years that a healthy diet lowers the chances of various cancers forming. Diets high of alkaline acid (as opposed to acidifying foods) are recommended for both cancer avoidance and as a cancer fighting diet.

Chillies which contain the chemical capsaicin, are an alkaline food. A recent study from Nottingham University (2) has shown that capsaicin kills lung cancer cells. Previous studies at the American Association for Cancer Research (1) had shown a similar effect with prostate cancer cells. Other studies in Japan and China have shown capsaicin directly inhibits the growth of leukemic cells.

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